2016 Roadtrip: north bound!

Yep, we’re off again! This time we’re visiting intentional communities in New South Wales and Queensland – which was always part of the original plan, but there was just too much good stuff happening in Victoria that we didn’t get any further last year!

For those of you who are new to the concept of “intentional community”, my most succinct explanation is: a group of people who have chosen to live in close proximity to one another due to their shared values and vision.

As we discovered last year, intentional communities can look vastly different from each other, and before you decide it’s not for you, I invite you to consider all the social, economic, environmental, physical and spiritual benefits that can be gained by living in close proximity with others, whether it be down the street, on a shared property or under the same roof.

I’m looking forward to hanging out with more inspirational people who are seeking to live in new ways… ways which break the cycles of selfishness and greed; ways which restore connections between people, between people and the planet, and between people and the Divine; ways which enable us to flourish, not just survive.

Here’s my 2016 Roadtrip posts, starting with the most recent:
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