A great start…

Heidi, Di and Mike

Heidi, Di and Mike in Strathalbyn


I can’t think of a better way to start this adventure than in the home of my friend and spiritual director Di. After such a busy time of trip preparation, it was so wonderful to soak in this welcoming and peace-filled space. I relished it.

Di and her friend Ruth (who lives right next door with no fence between them) have had their own experiences of intentional community over the years and continue to show hospitality to many friends, acquaintances and strangers as they pass through the town of Strathalbyn. On the first night, a guy named Michael joined us for dinner (Di happened to cross paths with him in town that afternoon). Coincidentally, he has done his own travels throughout Victoria and New South Wales, spending time in intentional communities, and was able to offer us some useful insights. Hmm… we might well learn more about ourselves than anything else!

Thanks Di and Ruth for your delicious meals, hearty conversation, open-mindedness, humour, card-playing skills, and appreciation of good wine! We thoroughly enjoyed our few days of rest in your delightful part of the world. Strath is so pretty! (Don’t worry, we’ll keep that a secret).

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