On the eve of another adventure

Four days ago we left my parents’ farm in western Victoria, and leisurely made our way up to Berowra, just north of Sydney, where we’re currently enjoying the hospitality of friends.

Tomorrow we visit our first intentional community of this trip. I think I’m ready. Prior to leaving my parents’ place I wasn’t. The enthusiasm wasn’t there. Meeting new people takes a lot of energy and you wonder if what you’ll learn and gain is worth all the planning and travel that’s involved. But I know it will be. This last week has encouraged me.

We stopped in Bendigo en route to catch up with Andy and Rose from the Cornerstone community whom we visited last year. It was so great to see them again and hear about some developments. The place is still thriving and the idea of spending a much longer stint in this community is definitely embedding itself in our minds.

Also, we’ve already had many rich conversations regarding living simply, being authentic, valuing community and choosing a path of love rather than fear with our various hosts along the way.

Yep, this is gonna be good.

For a more detailed account of the start of our 2016 trip, read Mike’s blog here.


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