Intentional communities introduction

On the journey to living more creatively, sustainably and compassionately.

Mike and I are hitting the road this autumn to gain a first-hand taste of what it’s like to live in intentional community. “So is that opposed to ‘accidental community’?” my hairdresser half asked, half joked a few weeks ago. Well yes, I guess it is! Our aim is to spend time with people who are doing life a bit differently… people who have chosen to live in close proximity to one another because they believe mainstream society and the way it’s structured just isn’t sustainable anymore – socially, economically, or environmentally. We’re excited by the people we will meet and what we can learn from them!

This is part of what we wrote in an email approaching various groups about staying with them. It gives you a sense of our purpose:

Some of the values we hold include: reconnecting with people and finding security in community, not finances; sharing resources and ownership so as to reduce our impact on the earth; participating in non-violent actions to bring about a more just world; using the arts to bring people together, communicate the challenges that humanity faces, and promote positive stories and alternative ways of living.

But we have a lot to learn and a long way to go! The values expressed above are largely idealist and unrealised at this point. So we hope our humble beginnings may inspire others, no matter where they (or you!) are at.

Click here to start reading.

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